The future of business is not just sustainable.
It is resilient. It is collaborative.
It is deeply creative. It is hopeful. It is…

Net Generative


Nature-Based Solutions


Net Generative is a strategy consulting firm for the change-makers the world needs now. Combining decades of strategy consulting experience with 3.8 billion years of evolutionary R & D, principal Victoria Kindred Keziah weaves nature's wisdom into

practical, actionable strategies for brands and businesses wishing to land on the solution-side of history

From a market transformation program in agriculture, to the launch of a global renewable energy brand, to a refreshed identity for a major educational NGO, Net Generative enables clients to take their place in the emerging regenerative culture on a healing planet.


Our Work

We’ve worked with solution-makers in renewable energy, natural foods, circular economics, regenerative agriculture, sustainable fashion, higher education, and health care. But ultimately nature-based solutions can be applied across industries, as all human endeavor depends upon nature for its success.


Our Services



One-on-one coaching and conversation for leaders and founders who wish to integrate nature’s intelligence into their organization’s DNA.


Brand & Business Identity

Development of a full suite of sustainability commitments and positions that will form the substance of your organization’s purpose, allowing you to “walk the walk” while you “talk the talk.”


Stakeholder Integration

Facilitated learning sessions, nature immersions, and group on-boarding for staff, boards, customers, or other stakeholders that turn teams into collective change-makers.


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